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Aidby's Kids Pick Up and Drop Off Services: Safety and Convenience at an affordable price

You’ve got a busy life--but so do your kids. Why should they miss a sports event or fun at a friend’s house just because they don’t have a ride? Aidby's Kids Pick Up and Drop Off Services provide a perfect solution. Connect with verified professionals in private transportation for kids and be confident of secure and punctual transportation of your children, whether it's to school or after-school activities.
Local and Trustworthy
Connect with local transportation professionals who are thoroughly vetted and ID-verified for safety and reliability.
Flexible and Customizable
Running late? Have someone available to pick up your kids in as little as 15 minutes. Need regular transportation for kids from school? Schedule ahead with Aidby.
Complete Child Care Services
With Aidby, you can find everything from after school transportation for kids to other child care services like an emergency babysitter.

Reliable Transportation for Every Schedule

Whether you need transportation for kids in 15 minutes or long-term solutions for daily school commutes, Aidby offers services to meet your specific needs. With rates starting at just $18-$25 per hour, you won’t have to think twice about getting the transportation for kids that you need.

What Sets Aidby Apart in Child Transportation

Unlike other services, Aidby offers an Uber-like system that enables private transportation for kids in as little as 15 minutes. Our real-time tracking system provides unparalleled peace of mind since you can monitor the journey from start to finish.
Communicate easily with potential drivers before hiring and throughout the drive, all within the app, so you can be sure of picking a driver you’ll feel good about.

Become Part of Aidby's Professional Network

Are you looking to make a difference in your community by providing safe transportation for kids? With Aidby, you can set your own schedule and take only the jobs you want. You can feel good going into homes knowing that all users of Aidby are ID-verified. If you are current or retired Law enforcement or First responder just message us with a verifiable ID and we will waive all fees from our side.

Safe, Reliable, and Affordable Transportation with Aidby

Aidby’s innovative safety features, transparent pricing, and rapid scheduling ensure that your children are in the best hands and that you can get transportation for kids whenever you need it. Don’t scramble to get your kids where they need to be or make them miss out on anything, choose kids pick up and drop off service with Aidby.

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