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Transform Your Garden with Aidby's Premium Lawn Care Services

Sick of unreliable, overpriced lawn care services? How about lawn service that doesn’t do anything for weed control or offer a lawn fertilizer service? Aidby redefines lawn care services. You won’t find this kind of convenience and expert care for your outdoor spaces with just any grass cutting service. Aidby gardeners not only tend to your lawn's needs but ensure that garden care is smooth, reliable, and meets all of your expectations.
Local and Personalized
Top-rated lawn care professionals in your area mean people who understand the specific needs of your area and are available within 15 minutes--just in case your yard needs a tidy-up before the garden party.
More Than Lawn Care
Find complete lawn care services, from weed control, to fertilizing, to tree and hedge trimming.
Safe and Trusted
Feel confident that your lawn maintenance is in good hands thanks to ID verification, live tracking, and in-app payments and communication.

Comprehensive Lawn Care Services

Aidby offers a wide range of lawn care services, from routine mowing to specialized treatments in pest control. Find professionals equipped to handle lawn mowing, fertilization, weed control, and lawn treatment services, ensuring your entire garden stays healthy and vibrant.

How Aidby Delivers Top-Notch Lawn Care

The Aidby user-friendly app allows you to schedule lawn care services in as little as 15 minutes or set up recurring gardening to keep your outdoors spaces looking gorgeous all the time. Pricing starts at $30-$60 per hour--much less than the average gardener. Enjoy secure payment options, real-time tracking, and communication before and after booking -- all in-app.

Join the Aidby Community for Lawn Care Opportunities

Love being outside? Can’t get enough of the smell of cut grass? Join Aidby's team of lawn care professionals and connect with local clients who need your skills, whether you offer basic grass cutting service or are a skilled gardener with advanced techniques in pollinator friendly weed control. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your hours and jobs and working as much or as little as you like.

Elevate Your Lawn with Aidby

Why deal with a scraggly, weedy garden? Aidby is here to connect you with skilled, trustworthy professionals who will take your garden to the next level. From regular grass cutting service to specialized treatments for pests or weeds, our team is dedicated to ensuring your lawn remains a source of pride and joy.

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