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Deep Cleaning Services on Demand by Aidby

Aidby is proud to offer a wide range of cleaners skilled in deep cleaning services. On the Aidby platform, you’ll find affordable cleaners who can guarantee every part of your home is immaculately clean and cared for.
Local and Trusted
Connect with local deep cleaning professionals for dependable, community-focused service. Cleaners work on their own schedule and keep the money they make.
Flexible and Simple
Easy booking, customizable services, ID verification, free interviews, and transparent pricing set Aidby apart from the competition.
Safe and Secure
Experience the peace of mind that comes from thoroughly vetted professionals and secure, straightforward transactions.

Deep Cleaning Expertise

Aidby's deep cleaning services offer meticulous attention to detail. The cleaners on our platform who offer deep clean house cleaning services are motivated to make you happy, so you’ll hire them again. That means you get a better clean.
Aidby offers tremendous flexibility in scheduling, whether you need a clean today or scheduled monthly. Our transparent pricing starts at an average of $75-$150 per room, hard to beat for a complete deep cleaning.

Comprehensive Home Care Solutions

Beyond deep cleaning, Aidby offers a range of home care services, from regular cleaning to specialized tasks like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and organizing.
Our platform is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to book whatever help you need, whether deep cleaning, a quick tidy-up, or a specific cleaning task, right from the app. Our Uber-like system can have deep cleaning services on your doorstep in as little as 15 minutes.

Join the Aidby Team

We are always on the lookout for passionate individuals to join our house deep cleaning service team. Aidby provides a unique, free platform for cleaners to connect with clients quickly and efficiently. No more working when the agency tells you to and only taking home part of what you earn. With Aidby, you can build your own relationships with clients and earn good money in your spare time or full-time.

Aidby: Your Trusted Partner for Deep Cleaning and More

Aidby is dedicated to providing top-tier home care solutions, from professional deep cleaning services, to elder care, to babysitting. Whether you're looking to transform your living space, have help caring for a loved one, or seeking a fulfilling career, Aidby is your go-to platform.

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