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Regular Cleaning Services at AidBy

AidBy’s regular cleaning services offer cleaners equipped to polish every inch of your home. Find the professional cleaners and maids you need for everything from basic house cleaning to carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and gutter cleaning.
Diverse Cleaning Solutions
Choose whatever cleaning you need, from general tidying up and house cleaning to carpet cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and pressure washing.
Professional and Efficient
Cleaners on our platform are vetted to ensure safety and efficacy for everyone using the platform
Flexible Scheduling
We accommodate your schedule. Need monthly deep cleans? Wonderful. Had a wild party last night and need it cleaned up by tonight? Aidby has you covered.

Comprehensive Home Cleaning Services

AidBy's home cleaning services are all-encompassing. Find the right cleaning services for your needs, whether you’re looking for affordable weekly cleaning or a special project like pressure washing. Schedule reoccurring cleaning or one-time jobs.
Along with home cleaning services, find talented individuals who can also cook, petsit, babysit, or provide in-home care on the Aidby platform. Whether you find one person who can do it all or a team of help to make your life easier and tidier, get what you need on Aidby.

Tailored Cleaning Services to Meet Your Needs

Detail the frequency, type of service, and even the particular areas of your home that you need cleaned so you can find cleaning professionals best suited to the job you need done, at the best possible rate.
Arrange cleaning services around your busy life so your home is taken care of without any disruption to your daily routine. With AidBy, you have complete control over the cleaning services you receive and when they arrive.
Schedule Deep Cleaning Services starting on AidBy at an average of $75-$150 per room. The hourly rate ranges from 75-150 dollars/hour after Standard Deduction, depending on the assistant's age and expertise.

A Rewarding Career in Home Services

Looking for a fulfilling career in home services that works around your schedule? On Aidby, you can choose your schedule and assignments, all with the peace of mind that comes from ID verification system for all clients. Whether you want to offer fulltime made service or pick up some extra money window cleaning, Aidby is the platform for you.

Get the Clean You Need with Aidby

At AidBy, we take pride in offering more than just regular cleaning; we provide peace of mind and comfort to our clients with a dedication to excellence and the easiest-to-use system out there. Join us in our mission to make homes cleaner and lives better.

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