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Aidby is Revolutionizing Delivery Services with Convenience and Reliability

Aidby offers a seamless solution for your delivery needs, ranging from food delivery to grocery drop-offs. Whether it's a quick meal delivery or a regularly planned grocery haul, Aidby’s professional delivery services are what you need to eat well despite a busy lifestyle.
Flexible and User-Friendly
Customize your delivery needs with our easy-to-use app. Most food delivery apps charge you to use them, but Aidby is completely free.
Safe and Secure Deliveries
Our ID-verified professionals ensure your items are delivered safely.
A World of Home Delivery Food
Need sandwich catering for a party? How about regular delivery services for everyday fridge and pantry staples? Aidby has a delivery expert ready to meet your needs.

Comprehensive Delivery Solutions

Aidby isn’t just food delivery; our specialists can provide grocery delivery, sandwich catering, and takeaway delivery. An average rate of $10-$15 per hour or as low as a couple of dollars a delivery. We don't charge the delivery driver in our free pan, so you can eat well without guilt.
It makes getting exactly the food you need affordable. Aidby's advanced tracking system keeps you updated in real-time, giving you peace of mind from pickup to delivery. Why limit yourself to the limited options and poor service of other delivery apps when you can get whatever you want from Aidby for less?

Tailored Services

The Aidby platform offers more than just standard delivery; it allows you to tailor services to your specific requirements. Dinner not turning out? Put in a home delivery food request for as little as 15 minutes and your guests will be none the wiser. Worried that aging relative isn’t getting proper nutrition? Put in a recurring grocery delivery order so they always have a fridge and pantry full of healthy food.

Join Aidby: A Career in Fast-Paced Delivery Services

With Aidby, all you need is a reliable vehicle and a commitment to professionalism and punctuality to pursue a career where you can be your own boss and set your own schedule. Enjoy the flexibility of working by the hour with the security of entering verified homes.

Experience the Aidby Difference in Delivery

Aidby food delivery services are different. Say goodbye to limitations, fees, and poor customer service. Embrace a food delivery app that partners with you to ensure you have the best food, when you need it, every time.

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