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Aidby: Redefining Food Delivery Services for Every Palate

Aidby connects customers with local eateries and delivery professionals so you can have whatever kind of food delivered that you like, whether you’re looking for meal kit delivery, premade meal delivery, or something specific like vegan meal delivery. With the abilty to place an order in as little as 15 minutes and live-tracking of your delivery, Aidby makes savoring your favorite meals at home a delightful and hassle-free experience.
Eat What You Want
Why limit yourself to restaurants that deliver or the limited options on most meal delivery apps? With Aidby, you can have food delivered from wherever you like--including personalized chef-prepared meals just for you.
Flexible and User-Friendly
Easy booking in as little as 15 minutes, with adaptable options to cater to your precise preferences and dietary needs, from vegan, to keto, to diabetic.
Safe and Secure
Feel confident knowing ID-verified professionals are handling your food with care.

Varied Meal Options at Your Fingertips

Craving a quick protein-packed meal? Planning a vegan feast? Find whatever you’d like to eat on the Aidby platform. Whether prepared meal delivery from your favorite restaurant or an affordable meal kit delivery for the whole family, Aidby has chefs and delivery experts ready to meet your needs. Our services start at a budget-friendly $10-$15 per hour or as low as a couple of dollars a delivery. We don't charge the delivery driver in our free pan, so you can eat well without guilt.

Tailored Food Delivery

Aidby doesn’t just deliver food, it offers an entire dining experience. Find local chefs to prepare meals to wow your friends or get a quick bite from a little-known restaurant other apps don’t deliver to. Our state-of-the-art tracking system lets you can follow your order from the kitchen to your doorstep.

Join Aidby: A Culinary Career Awaits

Have a passion for food and customer service? Aidby presents an exciting career opportunity in the food delivery industry. Enjoy the flexibility of hourly work and the security of entering ID-verified homes. With in-app video chatting and text messaging it’s easy to talk to clients, and in-app payments takes the stress out of delivery driving.

Savor the Aidby Experience in Food Delivery

Aidby is a food delivery experience as diverse as the palates we serve. Experience healthy meal delivery and delicious meal kit delivery on demand, so you can eat well despite your busy life.

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