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Exceptional Pet Boarding Services at Your Fingertips

Choosing the right pet boarding service isn’t easy. Will your dog be scared in the kennels? Is cat boarding even an option for your medical-needs kitty?
The Aidby platform offers a unique solution, providing convenience, security, and personalized care at an affordable rate.On our platform you can find pet boarding that caters to the unique needs of your pet, ensuring a stress- free experience.
Local Connections
Utilize Aidby to find trusted local pet boarding services, whether you’d like a boarding facility with kennels, a dog sitter in your home, doggy daycare, or a dog hotel run from a caretaker’s home.
Flexibility and Simplicity
We make it easy to book pet boarding, whether you need help in 15 minutes or next month.
Safety and Trust
All Aidby pet care professionals are thoroughly vetted and ID verified for safety and reliability, so you can feel confident leaving your pet in their hands.

Comprehensive Pet Boarding Solutions

Aidby caregivers provide a wide range of pet boarding services, including dog boarding, cat boarding, doggy daycare, and more. Competitive pricing at an average of $14-$25 per hour makes Aidby a cost-effective solution for pet boarding.
Whether you think your pet would be more comfortable in a social boarding environment that mirrors doggy daycare, or you need cat boarding with access to a catio, you can find the right care on Aidby.

The Aidby Advantage

The Aidby platform offers more than a service; it's a community where pet owners can find peace of mind. Find everything your pet needs, from pet boarding services to grooming to dog walking. Our tracking system ensures you're always informed, and with options for video chatting, text messaging, and in-app calls, staying connected with your pet has never been easier.

Start Your Rich Career in Pet Boarding

Love caring for pets? Why not do it for a living or some extra cash? Whether you want to be a cat or dog sitter in someone’s home or host pets in your very own pet hotel, there are lots of options. Enjoy the flexibility of working by the hour and only taking the jobs you want and the security of entering verified homes.

Trust in Aidby for All Your Pet Boarding Needs

Aidby isn’t a pet boarding service; it's a trusted partner in your pet care journey. When you want customized pet boarding services that meet your pet’s unique needs, look to Aidby.

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