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Aidby's Pet Care Services: Complete Care for Your Furry, Feathered, and Scaly Friends

Aidby caretakers offer unparalleled support for your beloved pets. Find caretakers specializing in a range of pet care services, including dog boarding, pet sitters, and pet grooming. Not every pup is a good fit for doggy daycare, and cat boarding is usually your kitty’s least favorite activity. Find pet care services that meet your pet’s needs affordably and in short time.
The Caretaker You Need
Need an affordable option for a dog sitter during the day for a rambunctious pup? Need someone able to drive your ailing cat to the emergency vet if necessary? Find them on Aidby.
Flexible and Reliable
Find pet sitters and other pet professionals in as little as 15 minutes, or schedule regular care.
Trust and Safety
Peace of mind with verified pet care professionals who are passionate about caring for your fur, scale, or feather baby.

Comprehensive Pet Care Solutions

Aidby's platform connects you with a diverse range of experienced pet sitters and caregivers. Find a caregiver experienced in what you need, whether you need someone to gently win over your reserved cat or someone equipped to handle a pack of powerful pups. You can even find caregivers experienced in caring for pocket pets like hamsters and rabbits or exotics like birds and reptiles.
Choose to have the sitter provide loving care in the comfort of your own home, or opt to have your pet stay at the sitter's. With Aidby, you can rest assured that your pet's every need, preference, and routine is catered to by a compassionate and skilled caregiver.

Excellence in Pet Care Services

Aidby's pet care services start at just $12-$25 per hour. Real-time tracking, ID verification, and direct communication with pet care professionals set your mind at ease in ensuring your beloved pet to one of Aidby’s caretakers. Interview caretakers before you hire so you’ll know for sure they’re right for your pet.

Join Aidby’s Team as a Pet Care Professional

Love pets? Find a rewarding career in pet care with Aidby. Whatever pet care services you want to provide, you can find someone who needs them on Aidby. You can run a small pet boarding business from your home, or go to clients’ homes to hang out with their pets. Take only the jobs you want according to your preferences and schedule. What better way for a pet lover to make some extra money, or build an entire career?

Discover Exceptional Pet Care with Aidby

With Aidby, you can find the pet care services you need at a price that you can afford. You want the best for your pets, so why put up with stuffy cat boarding or overcrowded dog daycare when you have dedicated pet sitters just a click away?

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