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Aidby's Bed Positioning and Transferring Services: Comfort and Safety in Every Movement

Bed positioning and transferring is too often overlooked, but this is a crucial aspect of home care. The lift from bed to chair can too often result in falls, and poor bed positioning can cause stiffness and bed sores. Repositioning bedridden patients at least every two hours is an effective way to prevent pressure sores (source).Video: 10 Ways to Prevent Pressure Ulcers
Correct Posture
Crucial for preventing complications such as pressure ulcers, stiffness, or muscle weakness.
Safe Transfers
Ensuring smooth transitions from bed to wheelchair
Affordable and available
Help within 15 minutes, starting at $16 an hour

Skilled Transitions and Bed Positioning

Safely lifting patients from bed to wheelchair or chair can be difficult. Even if a person in a wheelchair or with limited mobility can get along fine by themselves most of the time, making the move from chair to bed can be challenging or even dangerous.
Don’t take a risk. Call a caregiver with extensive skill in patient bed positioning so you’ll be sure that the transition goes smoothly and you’re left comfortable.

Specialized Positioning Services

Aidby caregivers focus on the correct posture and alignment in bed, which is vital for preventing complications like pressure ulcers, stiffness, or muscle weakness. Caregivers on Aidby can provide support with specialized pillows, catering to specific needs like spinal cord injury or elevating the head of the bed for acid reflux relief.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

Aidby offers bed positioning and transferring services starting at $16 to $25 per hour. When you consider the risk of going from wheelchair to bed or vis versa, or the discomfort associated with poor patient bed positioning, an hour of service seems very well worth it. With service available in as little as 15 minutes, you can call for help whenever you need it.

Opportunities for Caregivers at Aidby

For caregivers passionate about making a difference in people's lives, Aidby offers rewarding career opportunities. Working with us means being part of a team that values expertise in critical areas such as patient bed positioning and safe transferring techniques.

Find the Bed Positioning Professionals You Need Today

Aidby recognizes that each individual's needs are unique, which is why we offer personalized services. Whether it’s adjusting a reclining hospital bed or positioning pillows for bedridden patients to maximize comfort and safety, Aidby caregivers are skilled at keeping you comfortable and safe.