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Nutritious and Compassionate Feeding Assistance on Demand

At Aidby, we understand the importance of feeding assistance, especially for the elderly and bedridden. We know that feeding an elderly person or someone in need of significant care isn’t just about preparing and offering food--it’s about creating a relationship that turns feeding into an act of love and service.
The Nutrition You Need
Expert caregivers meticulously prepare food exactly per the instruction of the patient or their family, ensuring proper nutrition for each individual.
Dignified Dining Assistance
Caregivers on the Aidby platform provide respectful and patient assistance, making meal times a warm and pleasant experience.
Mealtime Safety
Skilled in safe feeding techniques, caregivers reduce the risk of choking and ensure a safe eating experience.

Feeding Elderly and Bedridden Patients

Feeding an elderly person requires patience, understanding, and skill. Feeding assistants in nursing homes are often busy and don’t have the time to work with your loved one to ensure they receive the assistance with feeding they really require.
Patients suffering from conditions like Parkinson’s, upper extremity complications like arm and hand injuries, amputations, or neurological such as tremors all need assistance in feeding themselves. Too often, the sheer frustration of failing over and over to get the food where it needs to go means these patients don’t eat as much as they should or only eat easy-to-handle food like cookies or crackers.
Our caregivers ensure your loved ones receive the nourishment they need in the comfort of their homes. This service extends to providing the best food choices for bedridden patients, prioritizing their health and well-being. All of this is on-demand, starting at $16 - $25 per hour.

Specialized Care for Diverse Needs

Aidby's commitment to comprehensive care includes expert food preparation tailored to specialized dietary needs. Find caregivers are skilled in preparing meals that adhere to specific health requirements for both nutrition and taste, per the instructions of the patient or the patient’s care team. After all, the best food for bedridden patients and elderly people isn’t just what’s good for them--it’s what they’re willing to eat.
For instance, dementia patients often benefit from staying in their own homes, but they often need to be reminded to eat and assistance eating. Caregivers on the Aidby platform excel in feeding elderly with dementia. They understand the nuances and extra care required to gently remind elderly patients to eat and craft tempting meals to sway them, as well as offer physical assistance in feeding.
Whether it's low-sodium, soft food, or nutrient-rich diets, Aidby caregivers ensure every meal contributes to the overall well-being and satisfaction of our clients.

Innovative Caregiving Opportunities

For those looking for a fulfilling career in caregiving, Aidby offers a rewarding experience. With flexible hours, you can provide vital assistance in feeding, making a real difference in someone's life.

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Whether you need a dedicated caregiver dedicated to feeding an elderly person all of their meals, or just someone to prepare dinner and offer feeding assistance before bed, Aidby has caregivers to meet your needs.

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