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Move Confidently with Walking Assistance

At Aidby, understand how important it is to stay mobile. However, walking can be dangerous. People who aren’t confident about their mobility may choose not to walk, which means their muscles will atrophy until they can’t walk.
That’s where Aidby comes in. We offer disabled and senior walking assistance that safely enables an active life.
Customized Mobility
Tailored walking support with a variety of aids like walkers and rollators.
Enhanced Independence
Safely empowering seniors and the disabled with greater freedom of movement.
Expert Guidance
Caregivers trained in the use of adaptive equipment and home-based physical therapy.

Personalized Walking Assistance

Everyone needs something different when it comes to mobility aid services, so our walking assistance caters to the unique needs of each client. Disabled and senior walking assistance enables you or your loved one to continue doing the things they love, whether it’s a stroll through the park, an afternoon in the garden, or a trip to the mall.
Rates start at a reasonable $16-$25 per hour after the Standard Deduction, depending on the assistant's age and expertise.

Adaptive Equipment for Home Care

Our caregivers have experience with a wide range of adaptive equipment for home care to enable personalized caregiving, regardless of an individual’s level of mobility. Whether it’s assistance with walkers, rollators, or other walking aids, caregivers can foster autonomy. Our goal is your independence.
From selecting the appropriate walking aids to setting up and maintaining them, caregivers can effectively handle and teach you about various types of adaptive equipment so you can confidently walk on your own.

A Rewarding Career in Caregiving

AidBy offers a rewarding career path for caregivers. Choose your hours and clients, for unmatched flexibility and control over work-life balance. Whether you want to provide senior walking assistance or in-home care for disabled individuals, you have the opportunity to make a difference in your community, on your schedule.

Choose Aidby for Walking Assistance

Aidby’s innovative platform makes receiving and providing care efficient, safe, and fulfilling. Our commitment to non-medical home care services, including specialized walking assistance, genuinely improves lives. Whether you’re seeking assistance or looking for a fulfilling career in caregiving, AidBy is your trusted partner.

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